Who do we look for

We look for technology entrepreneurs
ready to scale

You have developed a B2B or B2C product that is sold online

You have demonstrated initial traction and your customers are raving fans of your product

You are looking to start scaling, using our funds and support

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What do we offer



We have a team of successful entrepreneurs ready to work with you on your business.



We carry seed rounds ($20K – $75K USD), with option of going into series A ($500k – $2.5M)

Meet our head investor

Sebastiaan Vesseur

Sebastiaan Vesseur

I’m Seb. I’m the founder and main investor at Scaled Capital. We are a seed capital fund and experts on helping your business scale. We do this by providing expertise and capital to your company.

I have a big passion for building highly scalable online businesses. My first business, Online Growth Lab, has evolved into one of the world’s most successful online lead generation companies in the financial industry, referring over 1.2M leads to various financial services providers.

The second company I founded LTR Group takes up most of my time. LTR Group owns a portfolio of successful companies focussed on the online gaming industry. We believe that the right people, tools and technology drive innovation and have the potential to disrupt entire industries.